Research and Publications

Since its inception, the Ehud Netzer Herodium Expedition has focused on the archaeological and historical research of the site, and Herodian architecture in general. This includes the architectural, stratigraphic and art-historical analysis of the buildings, and the processing and research of all the finds unearthed during the excavation. Expedition members have also carried out complementary studies connected with the site, relating to the two Jewish rebellions, Byzantine Herodium and other related subjects in co-operation with external scholars.
In recent years, archaeological excavations have concentrated on the northern slope of the hill and the hill-top palace-fortress. On the slope, work on the Herodian mausoleum, the Royal Theater and the auxiliary structures to the west continues, along with examination of the monumental stairways leading to the hill-top. On the hill-top itself, current work is concentrated on excavation in the area of the main entry corridor to the fortified Palace.
Some of these studies are already available, and others are currently in progress, aimed both at academics and the general public. The team is currently involved in the completion of the final scientific reports of all the finds unearthed since the first excavations at the site.